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Ultra-Star or Frisbee?

"The Wham-O Frisbee has been replaced on most ultimate fields with the Discraft Ultra-Stars for it's durability and truer flights."

There is often some confusion about the terms "ultimate disc" and" Frisbee disc". That is because "Frisbee" is a regestered trademark name. Frisbee is an owned trademark of Whamo, hence the Whamo Frisbee is the original ultimate disc for the sport ultimate frisbee. However the "original" ultimate disc has been improved upon over the years and a more durable, truer flying and more economical disc has been developed called the "Ultra-Star", made by Discraft.

The Discraft Ultar-Star, developed in 1981, is the official ultimate disc for tournament play approved by the Ultimate Players Association (UPA) and is the choice of ultimate teams world wide. The Discraft Ultra-Star ultimate disc is "the world standard for the sport of ultimate"(Discraft.com). The Discraft Ultra-Star is a 175 gram disc. It has a durable plastic and when looking for distance on the ultimate frisbee field you'll reach for a Discraft Ulra-Star every time. The Ultra-Star has become a very popular disc in more than just tournaments. Ultimate frisbee pick up games are more commonly using the Discraft Ultra-Star for it's consistant flight and dependable control.

Thus the term "ultrastar frisbee" is an oxymoron. Although most ultimate frisbee players would understand the meaning of "ultra-star frisbee" or "frisbee ultra-star" they are two different brand names. Technically then, there is the Discraft Ultra-Star ultimate disc and the Whamo Frisbee ultimate disc but not an Ultra-Star Frisbee.


Ultimate Discs


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